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Vidabra, the top that accompanies women during breast radiation therapy

Vidabra, the top that accompanies women during breast radiation therapy
Muvu expands its catalogue with the Vidabra top. This garment is specifically designed to reduce the impact of radiotherapy treatment and to care for the most sensitive skin types.

Among the many qualities the Vidabra possesses thanks to its development with revolutionary Regenactiv® textile technology, one in particular stands out: the acceleration of recovery from possible dermatitis in the area affected by radiotherapy treatment.

Thanks to these features, the Vidabra is initially intended for use as an accessory in cases of conservative surgery. At the same time, the dermo-specific properties integrated into its fibres are the perfect ally to counteract other pathologies such as submammary mycosis, eczema, dermatitis and skin problems caused by excess sweat.

“Second skin” structure and design

Muvu has created Vidabra, combining all the potential of the unique Regenactiv® fabric with maximum textile excellence at their state-of-the-art facilities in Ontinyent, Valencia. Muvu works in accordance with standard ISO 13485 on the quality management system applicable to medical devices. As a result, Vidabra is a top that fits women like a continuation of their own skin, thanks to its exquisite structure. Seam and hoop-free, it has a back adjustment strap featuring three lines of hooks with protective inner fins, wide straps and areas with maximum breathability and adaptability to allow the highest levels of freedom of movement.

Discover the Vidabra top in detail on the website www.vidabra.es

Developed by experts, tested by patients

Vidabra is the result of more than two years of intense collaborative work between two innovative Valencian companies. The R+D team at Muvu, a textile laboratory with almost three decades of experience in researching and manufacturing fabrics designed to care for the skin, has worked together with a medical team from Ascires Biomedical Group, which has over 50 years of experience and high level expertise in radiotherapy treatments.

Ascires Biomedical Group’s contribution to the project has been crucial to the design of the garment, applying the potential of Regenactiv® fabric to cover the areas most affected by radiotherapy, as well as carrying out clinical validation with real patients.

As such, it was observed that there is a statistically significant difference in the measurements made at the end of radiotherapy between patients who used the top and those who did not, with less skin alteration observed in those who used the Vidabra top.

About Ascires Biomedical Group

Ascires is the leading biomedical group in Spain in Genetics, Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, in terms of technology and number of patients attended to annually. A reference in Radiotherapy Oncology, it has pioneered the introduction of the most advanced treatment techniques in Spain, such as intensity-modulated radiotherapy and image-guided radiotherapy. Ascires Biomedical Group carries out its work in public and private hospitals, as well as within its own network of Biomedical Clinics. With a history spanning over 50 years and a team of more than 700 professionals, it focuses its work on diagnosis and treatment, reinvesting an average of 20% of its profits annually in R+D+i.

Vidabra is now available in our online shop www.peoplesapiens.es in black and white and in four sizes.
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