MUVU philosophy

In the ongoing search for the well-being of the skin, MUVU is born to prevent skin problems at the same time that protects and cares for your health.

It is based on natural raw materials and the latest technologies to create revolutionary fabrics which, in contact with skin, keep it healthy and clear. In addition, it favours an early recovery by restoring the immunological properties of the skin.

The result is a healthy and balanced skin which recovers its own natural protective barrier against damages and erosions on the epidermis.

MUVU activates your skin

  • ConfortPlus

    Tecnología Textil


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  • Regenactiv® textile technology

    Tecnología Textil

    Regenactiv® textile technology

    Developed by the interaction
    between two threads which,
    when woven together,
    provide protective qualities to garments.

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