Fungal infections on skin are caused by different types of fungi, including dermatophytes and yeasts. These organisms invade and develop in dead keratin, which is a very delicate protein that is part of skin, hair and nails. There are several types of fungal infections, which are divided into different groups according to the type of fungus involved.

Types of fungal skin infections:  

     - Infections by dermatophytes

          Tinea pedis
          Tinea unguium
          Tinea corporis
          Tinea cruris
          Tinea capitis

     - Infections by yeasts

         Tinea versicolor
         Candida albicans

Symptoms and onset of a fungal infection on skin depend on the causal fungus, as well as on the affected body region. For example, rash caused by fungi is sometimes mistaken for other skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema.

These fungal infections can cause different types of skin rash. Some are red, scaly and itching. Others can produce a thin scale similar to dry skin. In addition, a particular fungus can affect one or several areas. When acquiring a fungal infection on scalp, some hair loss is normal.

If any of these abnormal symptoms occur, visiting your doctor for a diagnosis would be advisable.

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