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Protect your feet from the cold and maintain their health with MUVU

Protect your feet from the cold and maintain their health with MUVU
The arrival of winter and low temperatures can cause or worsen pathologies that affect the health of our feet.

As recommended by the Institute of Podiatrists of the Autonomous Community of Valencia (ICOPCV), the feet undergo a series of changes with the onset of age, such as, for example, some alteration in sensitivity, problems in the dermis (peeling, fissures or cracks) and even blood circulation to the extremities can be affected by some pathologies due to the narrowing of the blood vessels, which increases as temperatures start to drop.

All these alterations, which directly affect the health of our feet, well-being and mobility, can appear or worsen as the cold sets in, so it is vitally important to continue with our routine of basic care and the adoption of extra protection measures to maintain and protect the health of our feet.

Basic tips for taking care of your feet during winter

It is not difficult to take a series of measures to protect your feet from the cold and avoid skin conditions or circulatory problems.

The key to ensuring comfort and keeping your feet at a suitable temperature is in your shoes and socks:

  • Choose shoes that are warm, that have good insulation, and at the same time allow proper perspiration to avoid the accumulation of moisture. Your feet must be perfectly dry and at a comfortable temperature.

  • Choose socks with natural fabrics that help good perspiration. Be careful with the elastic, it should not be tight or compressed so that it allows proper blood flow.

MUVU socks that protect you from the cold

Thanks to the natural fabric of the MUVU socks, which is made of viscose of vegetable origin and marine particles, the essence of Regenactiv textile technology, they protect and care for your skin against possible erosion and chafing.

In addition, its exclusive Comfort Plus structure, with adaptability stripes, cooling in key areas and a moisture absorption capacity 50% greater than conventional cotton garments, allows the sock to fit like a glove to your skin and let your feet "breathe" while expelling any excess moisture.

Remember that, from our catalogue of therapeutic socks, you will find our range of double density MUVU socks that will give you that feeling of a softer touch that you like to feel on colder days, providing you with more cushioning and comfort with every step.

Find your MUVU socks in the Official People Sapiens Online Store.

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