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Tips for taking care of your hands in winter

Tips for taking care of your hands in winter
Low temperatures and wind, typical of autumn and winter, together with the continued use of hydroalcoholic gel cause damage to our hands’ skin.

Discover some tips to avoid dry and chapped hands, or even other pathologies such as Raynaud's Syndrome or chilblains, from getting worse during the winter.

Tips to protect your hands from the cold and show off your healthy skin

  • Moisturise your hands as often as necessary with a small massage so that the cream penetrates better. You can do this straight after washing your hands or you can apply hydroalcoholic gel to keep them hydrated so that the cream acts for as long as possible.

  • Don’t use very hot water when washing your hands and use a suitable soap. Your hands should also be dried well, without rubbing too much, concentrating especially between the fingers, to look after the epidermis.

  • Exfoliating your hands once a week will help keep them in perfect condition. The skin regenerates completely once a month, but due to the dryness of winter this effect can be delayed.

  • Wear gloves when leaving the home. Gloves protect hands from cold, wind, dryness and sudden changes in temperature. Also, wearing gloves will help you maintain your body temperature much better. We also recommend that you wear gloves when sleeping, just after applying the cream, so that it penetrates your skin better. It is recommended to use gloves that are made with natural and therapeutic fabrics such as MUVU therapeutic gloves, which are soft to the touch and provide skin care benefits.

MUVU Dokos Therapeutic Gloves

MUVU Dokos gloves, recommended for eczema, dermatitis, mycosis and sensitive and delicate skin, thanks to the Regenactiv Textile Technology with which they are made, provide the following protective qualities:

  • They maintain the moisture balance, isolating the skin from the environment and achieving an optimal condition that favours and improves the skin's recovery.

  • It accelerates the healing process of skin lesions by keeping the skin clean, helping the renewal of the epidermis.

  • It reduces and prevents overheating of the skin and dermal irritation.

  • Protection against the development of germs, which prevents skin infections.

  • They can be worn both under work gloves and at night to recover from the stress suffered by the skin during daily activity.

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