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The origins of Muvu, the textile technology which cares and protects your skin

The origins of Muvu, the textile technology which cares and protects your skin
MLS Textiles 1992, S.L. is a leader textile company in innovation and development of new fabrics. It is located at the south of the Valencia province. This enterprise is an expert in the sector and offers two great product lines with common aims: the protection and care of the skin and the excellence in the manufacturing process in order to differentiate from other companies.

The sporting line of high performance products was the first one developed from the origin. This collection offers a wide range of garments, socks and accessories which help to deal with the most common health problems of sportsmen and sportswomen (excessive sweating, body odour, skin irritation, wounds, blisters, cutaneous fungal infections…).

The origin of the medical division: Regenactiv

The work of the development team, together with a strong connection with technological textile institutes and university research groups, have produced two different threads. If both of them are used to create technical garments, they can provide excellent properties with exceptional results for users.

The first thread used already in other products was the silver-ionised polyamide. Since ancient times, the silver is known for its antimicrobial properties which act on bacteria and fungi. The other thread was a completely new discovery: the use of the Viscose CH in textile production. This thread was chosen because of its protective properties for the skin:

High antimicrobial activity which avoids the spread of fungi and bacteria on the skin and the body’s own tissues
Hemostatic capacity
Absorption of humidity and/or aqueous fluids of the tissues

All such properties were applied directly to the threads, and this is why they do not lose their protective properties over time or washing.

It was believed that if both threads were joined together, we would get a greater potential regarding the protection of the skin against fungi and bacteria. Thus, since we are experts in textile technology, we started the different researches and the development of the product. Then, the most difficult task was to maintain the product. But once it was finished and thanks to the collaboration of AITEX (Textile technological Institute), different trials were conducted in order to know how far the capacity of this new project could arrive.

The outcome was satisfactory and successful, and provided extraordinary results in different bacterial tests. We were focused on the search of the skin care, so other different tests were carried out to verify the skin irritation of the product and its absorption capacity.

The result was a revolutionary weaving called Regenactiv®, targeted on the medical sector because of its performance regarding the skin care and protection. This textile technology maintains the skin in optimal condition and aseptic in order to accelerate the recovery process by itself and to regenerate easily.

Another difficulty about this textile technology was to bring it to the market. This is why Muvu was born: a company of textile innovation and keen on offering the world different revolutionary weavings which help to protect and care the skin health.

This new health brand is based in the use of textile raw materials of natural origin and the latest technologies developed by the constant R&D&I of the company.

Muvu creates revolutionary weavings that care and protect the skin, keeping it cleared and healthy and restoring its natural protective barrier to fight against external factors that damage the skin.

Muvu and Mls work together and diversify their products to create new lines which offer a complete skin care. Both companies have created a solid base and started from the foot care to build a complete product line which includes future projects related with the intimate care, the body care or the special care of the younger kids. Thus, they are creating different garments that protect against damages and infections, keeping our skin clean and healthy, by restoring its protective barrier to fight against external factors that constantly damage the skin.

Muvu activates your skin

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