"Complementary treatment for diabetic foot without trauma"

19/07/2014 25/07/2014 01/08/2014
Infections on diabetic foot injuries may worsen feet problems that are easily solvable if they are prevented.

More than 70 % of amputations are performed in people with diabetes.

A patient diagnosed with diabetic foot presents with a lesion on his left foot, which is hypersensitive because an incision with a scalpel had previously been performed on the folder of his great toe to be able to debride it. The lesion showed signs of infection, as it was red and the exposed skin was delimited.

Day 1: only Estericide® was applied for asepsis on the area. He was recommended to use the Muvu sock powered by Regenactiv during 8 days to protect the foot infection.

Day 2: less pain and no redness were observed on the area.

Day 3: inflammation was totally absent and the patient let us better manipulate the lesion, thus being able to perform a debridement.

Day 4: the patient was discharged, as no exposed injuries or signs of infection were found.
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