"Treatment to prevent the first stages of diabetic foot"

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Diabetic foot is one of the main causes of amputation and disability in patients with diabetes mellitus. Therefore the development of clothes with properties aimed to protect against bacteria and fungi, capable of maintaining total asepsis on the skin has meant a great advance in health care for the ambulatory treatment of lesions in diabetic patients, thus helping in preventing and treating the first stages of diabetic foot.

A 2-week prospective observational study was performed using the MUVU sock powered by Regenactiv, made of silver threads and chitosan viscose.

To assess the diabetic foot stage Wagner’s classification was used.

A 53-year-old man diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus, with diabetic retinopathy and polyneuropathy, as well as chronic ischemia in lower limbs. He has a history of amputation of the 4th and 5th toes of the right foot two years ago. Now he presents a type I lesion (superficial ulcer with full thickness destruction of skin), according to Wagner’s classification, on the 1st toe of the left foot.

On assessing the injury evolution from the onset of treatment, a considerable improvement is observed, which is demonstrated by inflammation reduction and complete wound healing.

After analyzing the obtained results, we can confirm that in this case the use of a silver-thread and chitosan viscose-containing sock has been effective in the complementary treatment of diabetic foot lesions. And this paves the way for further research on the use of technologic fabrics providing properties intended for maintaining asepsis on the skin.

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