"Despite the infection, I was able to continue with my daily training"

Día 15
A study on the evolution of a new complementary treatment is performed in a female swimmer athlete who presents a bacterial infection due to keratolysis. The 13-old-year patient trains six days a week doubling her training time during two of these six days in 1 hour and 30 minutes. She suffers from the common symptoms of bacterial infection —itching, and odour— in addition to low mood due to the look of her feet.


The patient is told to use the Muvu sock with Regenactiv technology during 15 days. She is instructed to wash and dry her feet with paper after every training session in the swimming pool and to use the sock daily during that period.

For the following days, the patient shows a symptomatic relief of itching. Visually, foot dryness and fungal reduction can be seen.


At 15 days the case is concluded. The result is satisfactory. The patient shows a better mood and a total recovery from her condition.
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