"I experienced immediate symptom relief and fungus on my foot progressively disappeared"

Mycotic infections may occur at any part of the body; in foot, they are called tinea pedis or athlete’s foot. They are caused by dermatophytic fungi (which feed on keratin) or by yeasts (very rare cases with an immune system disorder). It is common that fungi appear more frequently on feet, because they grow better in dark, wet and warm environments such as, for example, a shoe. In addition, the risk of developing this disease is increased if you:

Use closed footwear, especially if it is made of plastic or non breathable materials.
Keep your feet wet for long periods.
Suffer from constant sweating.
Have a minor injury on your nails or skin.
Are undernourished.

This condition may last a short time or it may become chronic, and sometimes recurrence may occur. Three clinical forms are known:

Interdigital tinea pedis (athlete’s foot)
Hyperkeratotic (moccasin type) tinea pedis
Vesicular (vesiculobullous/inflammatory) tinea pedis

Using the Muvu sock powered by Regenactiv, a 30-day follow-up of a vesicular tinea pedis was performed to analyze the result of applying the Milos sock as a complementary treatment.


A 42-year-old woman with an infection in her foot by vesicular tinea pedis. She is recommended to use the Milos sock as an alternative treatment to previously used therapies. The treatment and its evaluation are performed during one month.


The first result noticed is the increased comfort, followed by an improvement of skin appearance and texture, which becomes smoother and softer.

At 10 days from treatment onset, the patient is called for a new visit, showing an improvement of lesions together with an increase in her sense of well-being.

At 15 days, the main symptoms of tinea pedis (itching and dry skin) disappear.

At 31 days, the treatment is finished, considering the case cured.
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